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Biblical Interpretation

Assignment 6

Samson Covatch

Biblical Interpretation / Assignment 6

Dr. Wesley Hill

Discuss how many of these presuppositions may lie behind Peter’s use of Psalm 16. Assuming Peter believed several or all of these things, how might they have enabled him to interpret Psalm 16 the way he did?

We see that Peter is understanding the Corporate Solidarity of Christ with that of the Davidic rule. Since David was the king of the Israelites he would represent all of his people and likewise Jesus is in this Davidic fulfillment.

Because our hope is in the resurrection Peter sees this as a future truth and the reality of God historically doing what He has promised to do. Although I find this Correspondence in history harder to see, I still think Peter has it in mind for all Israel.

With question of the arrival of the age of eschatological fulfilment I think this is obviously in mind. The understanding of the resurrection was an end times understanding and I don’t think it would be hard for us to think in the same way if we saw a resurrection. Our minds would immediately move to eschatology and perhaps a reinterpreting of scripture to fit with our current experience.

In light of the leading of the Holy Spirit Peter is able to see the christology in the Scriptures as we do. Whereas prior it was harder to see what God was doing, after the cross we have the ability to look back through Christ to see what God had done and that the fingerprints of Jesus are all through God’s word.

Samson Covatch